Ambu® aScope™ 5 Broncho


aScopé 5 Broncho combines the high level of manoeuvrability and imaging needed in the bronchoscopy suite with the sterility and efficiency of the single- use concept. The result? Consistently high performance, sterility, and the flexibility required for a complex and demanding workflow.

Single-use like you've never seen it before 
With the launch of the 5th generation of aScope Broncho, Ambu takes single-use bronchoscopy to even greater heights.

Building on over a decade of single-use bronchoscopy know-how, aScope 5 Broncho combines the familiar benefits of reusable scopes with the advantages of the single-use solution. It is compatible with the full HD resolution Ambu® aBox™ 2 and Ambu aView™ 2 Advance displaying and processing units and can easily be connected to external monitors.

aScope 5 Broncho delivers consistently high performance with excellent manoeuvrability, next-level imaging and a smart, functional design. This level of performance is complemented by the sterility and efficiency of the Ambu single-use solution to give you the quality and flexibility you need for a complex and demanding workflow in the bronchoscopy suite.

Key Benefits

Completely eliminate the need for reprocessing and endoscope repairs
Start or expand bronchoscopy services with minimal capital investment
Easily navigate the bronchial segments with bending angles (up/down)
Designed for smooth insertion and positioning of endotherapy instruments
Choose the right endotherapy instrument needed without fear of damaging an expensive scope
Visualize the bronchial tree clearly with the HD system delivering superior image quality
Seamlessly integrate Ambu displaying and processing units to the documentation systems in use
Offer your patient a sterile scope and eliminate the risk of patient-to-patient cross-contamination

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